The Problem With Self-Care Is...

Here's A Truth:

It has been underrated for so long. Seen as a nice to do, a luxury few can afford. What a load of nonsense! Women have been imprisoned by old stories and unhelpful beliefs for too long. Self-care is our right. It is the time we afford to ourselves for ourselves because... Yes, we deserve it. If we fail to look after ourselves, who will do all the things we do when we are unable to? It is a truly valid question. Yet, before we begin the internal journey to upgrade the old stories and data that has been driving us, we need to recognise what self-care is, why it is important and how to manage those excuses that keep on popping up.

Common Barriers (Excuses)

  • No Time

    There just aren't enough hours in the day!

  • No Energy

    By the time everyone else's needs are met and the to do list is complete, there is no energy for anything else.

  • Plenty Of Guilt

    On those odd occasions when a 'no' is given in response to a request, the guilt level rises.

Meet YvonneB

Hi, YvonneB here, your qualified life, fitness & nutrition coach, certified nature facilitator and award winning women's health advocate. Creator of the soon to be launched 'Permission To Thrive' Online Membership Community and The 3 Circles of Self-Care 12-week Coaching & Training Programme. My background stems from 35+ years in and around the health & fitness industry; you name the role, I've probably had it! I have taken a lifetime of experiences, lifestyle education, mixed in much needed personal development along with clients success stories to build a safe space & community for busy professional women who are struggling to make time for themselves and who often feel guilty when they do. I'm here to help those women drop the guilt, stop feeling embarrassed if the life they truly desire is not currently being reflected in real time and build health-focused action plans that turn dreams into reality!

Yvonne Bignall

Self-Care Coach & Award Winning Women's Health Advocate

Let's Create A New Dialogue

If. like me, your fed up with running on old worn out narratives, join me in creating a new outlook, a healthy one that inspires more women to upgrade their self-care, ensuring they lead happier, healthier lives!

This FREE Self-Care Introduction Course is a stepping stone in the right direction... And my lovely Advisory Committee have thrown in some goodies too. 

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With love,

YvonneB x

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Introduction & Welcome To This Self-Care Course

    • A Warm Welcome To You!

    • A Very Warm Welcome To You!

  • 02

    Wake Up To The Importance Of Self-Care

    • Why Self-Care Is Important

  • 03

    Assessing Your Self-Care

    • Assessing Your Self-Care

  • 04

    Barriers To Self-Care and Managing Them

    • Barriers To Self-Care and How To Manage Them

    • Barriers or Excuses?

    • The No Energy Crisis

    • The Guilt Trip

  • 05

    Resourcing For Self-Care

    • Resourcing For Self-Care

  • 06

    Time To Reflect

    • Reflecting, Your Takeaways & Next Steps

  • 07

    Your Goody Bag!

    • Complimentary Content From YvonneB Advisory Committee!