Hi, I’m Yvonne (AKA YvonneB)

I have seen the extensive damage that can occur when low self-care is high on the agenda. I have seen close friends have heart attacks, I have seen clients in varying states of stress, distress & exhaustion about their children’s wellbeing, relationships, homes, careers and yet the thing they failed to put any focus on was themselves; their health, their needs, and the energy required to be better placed to serve those they wanted to. Too often we think that by focusing outwardly, by giving our attention to everyone & everything outside of ourselves, life will, somehow, get better, we’ll feel better, we’ll be so appreciated that the pain of not looking after ourselves (& inside ourselves) will dissipate. It won’t, it doesn’t.

Our Health Is Our Wealth and we need to honour it as such. 

I have spent 20 years figuring out how to get right with life. How to live abundantly healthy & happy. It has been quite a journey!

At my lowest point, I knew I had to start doing things differently and I began by having crafted personal development time, 'raising my self-awareness time' as I like to call it. 

I wanted to know why I was feeling so unsettled and stressed, what was driving the discomfort of saying ‘no’ to others, why I felt the need to be liked even when it was detrimental to my wellbeing & how I felt about myself . And why, as someone with a background in health & fitness, I wasn’t giving time to my health in the way it deserved.

And I knew there was no going back…

Once I started working on myself, I knew I was actively shedding the old layers, the old stories no longer serving me, the worn-out version of me. I was letting go of the societal frameworks, the need for external validation whilst stepping into my authentic self. 

There was no going back and honestly, that was painful in its own way (shedding the familiar), yet liberating in another. What was behind me was what I had known for many years. It was a ‘safe place’ to reside, it was ingrained in my thinking and my doing. And yet ‘becoming’ beckoned me, whispering to me through teachings that there was more, I had more and that by putting me first, by getting right with me, I could & would get so much more out of life.

Over the past 10+ years, as part of my own journey, I have been creating and testing coaching & training processes for my clients and have built proven frameworks that allow me to nurture my clients to prioritised self-care… Guilt-free!

And as a woman who has been & continues to be on the journey, understanding the important role of nurturing my health, some of the things I have achieved include:

  • Qualifying as a life coach (CMI & AUNLP qualifications in life-coaching, NLP & business coaching)
  • Qualifying in the health & fitness space as a Personal Trainer, Group Instructor, Nordic Walking Instructor, Weight Loss Practitioner and more recently, as a Nature Facilitator.
  • Becoming an Award-Winning Women’s Health Advocate (2017)
  • Becoming a Community Radio Show Presenter – The Women’s Power Hour Show (now over 2 years old with a focus on health & wellbeing, regularly featured on BBC iPlayer) 
  • Being invited to speak at a roundtable at No.10 Downing Street on how to support & engage single parents into business.
  • Delivering corporate training in essential soft skills globally, from the UK to Jordan, Germany to Palestine
  • Winning Trainer of the Year Award winner for a leading UK/World training company (2013)
  • Winning The Best Hobby to Business Support Award (2014)
  • Creating online programmes to help women build healthier relationships with self, time & life.
  • Becoming a CPD Ambassador helping businesses gain accreditation for their training courses
  • Authoring a No. 1 bestselling book in category, Suck It Up Or Change
  • Building a blog, ‘Being Your Best You’ to support women in navigating self & life.


The 'Busy' Lifestyle

Life is busy… A never-ending list of things to do!

BUT that doesn’t mean you don’t matter…

Yes, the kids make demands of your time, your partner needs your support,  your wider family require your help, plus you have got your career or business to operate. Add to that a home to look after and is it any wonder there is no real time for you?

WAKE-UP CALL: Left unaddressed burnout will surely follow...

 If you are ready to value your wellbeing and put your health first in order to have the energy required to do all the things life demands of you, welcome to this community!

Why Might You Be Here?

Too Busy, Too Tired, Too Stressed...

You know others rely on you because you are capable, supportive, always there for them and are the epitome of Super Woman, getting everything done…

Everything except prioritising your self-care.

I Get It, You Typically…

  • Don’t have the time in your already full schedule to do you. Sadly, something must give, and you know the needs of others must come first, that’s what is expected of you. You can wait…
  • Feel uncomfortable and vulnerable talking about the things that make you question where your life is right now especially if you don't feel you've got it all together. After all, by midlife you should have it sussed.
  •  Are use to seeing what happens when people’s expectations are not met; they get angry, hurt, think less of you, stop asking for your help, leaving you feeling guilty, unwanted and ‘less than’. 
  • Are too tired to do anything else at the end of your day. It’s enough to get into bed and attempt to get a decent night’s sleep with a mind full of things to do the next day. You can’t think straight.
  • Don’t see the value of putting time & money into your wellbeing when ultimately you have no control over your crazy schedule and know it would be a wasted commitment. Something must give and right now, that’s you.
  • You can’t get motivated and stay motivated with self-care. It just feels indulgent and unnecessary given the more important things you need to do for everyone, your business or your career. Never mind that it is crushing your self-value or your physical wellbeing. Every other woman must get on with it… What makes you any different?

But In A Preferred Parallel Universe...

You want to feel able to do all the things you are committed to with energy and gratitude, guilt-free encouraged by a community that ‘gets it’ – no judgement, no side-eye glances, just supportive.


Think of it like this: 

You are a teacup and to fulfil its purpose of serving, must be constantly refilled. And so, it is with your wellbeing. You must pay attention and constantly fill-up and fuel your mental, physical & spiritual self, increasing your energy, your zest for life & your happiness. This naturally causes an internal overflow.

 And when all that goodness rises to the top it spills out over everyone & everything meaning others get the best of you whilst you remain full by constantly replenishing yourself. 

You cannot operate effectively (or happily for that matter) on empty. #selfcarefact

What My Clients Say...

“Yvonne has a rare infectious energy that fills me with optimism. My life was difficult when we met & in a short time, she has been a real catalyst for change. I now know that my future will be brighter! Working collaboratively, in a solution-focused way, we make plans for change & follow up on my progress. It’s so empowering to be held accountable. I treasure our sessions; they feel like clearing out old energies & building better pathways that are true to myself. I leave our sessions filled with momentum & impetus to follow through. I've found my coach & I'm forever thankful”


Nina Marie

“Yvonne has surpassed all my expectations. I felt comfortable with her as my coach & personal trainer from the moment I met her. She has: 1. Opened my mind & world to new possibilities 2. Supported me through an exceedingly difficult period; & 3. Enabled me to transform my lifestyle by encouraging me to make small, incremental changes. I have changed my outlook & my attitude to a healthier lifestyle. Yvonne's positive attitude & gentle ‘boot camp’ approach is an inspiration for healthy living and in my case reclaiming my life as I want to live it ”

Professional Guide Dog (Puppy) Walker, Trainer & Speaker

Lisa Fellows

“Yvonne is a rare person with amazing insight. She knows how to ask the right questions and she truly helped me understand myself better. I was impressed with every session by Yvonne's ability to help me discover solutions to problems in my personal and professional life. She is genuine and compassionate and incredibly optimistic. She always provided well thought out and constructive feedback and guidance. Yvonne took a personal interest in my life and I felt valued and motivated by her enthusiasm. I am honoured to have met this truly amazing woman.”

Fitness & Nutrition Coach

Vickie Ellison

“Yvonne is an extremely positive and inspiring individual. I felt I had lost my way a little after a very draining life experience. I knew what I needed to do to get myself back on track and keep moving. Yvonne is a great listener and knew how to clarify my very disjointed story of myself of how I thought I had become lost. I found her to be very honest and straight to the point which always works for me. I would recommend Yvonne as a life coach to anyone; she is amazing!”

Community Rehabilitation Support Worker

Lisa Scarlett-Christensen

“We all need guidance at some point in time, and I can't recommend Yvonne enough. She has a strong business acumen with an extraordinary human touch, which is difficult to find in the professional world. Yvonne can really make a positive impact in your life with her coaching, helping any individual to succeed at a personal and professional level. She always has a positive approach, passion, and commitment in everything she does. I feel fortunate to have met such an inspirational woman. ”

Letting Adminstrator & Artist

Anna Perra

“Chance brought Yvonne and me together. Her recommendations were spot on and life changing. Yvonne is full of positive energy and genuine enthusiasm that cannot but rub off on everyone around her. She is extremely professional and focussed with a vision to empower as many people as possible to better their lives. I am sure she will achieve her goal; as a matter of fact she is already doing it! ”

Productivity, Career & Change Specialist, and Director of Health & Joy

Evi Kathrepti

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