Self-Care is not only beneficial to self!

Energetically Powered To Serve…

When your cup is full there is so much more you can do and if you are anything like me, you have things you would like to do to make a difference in the world.

I mentioned before 3 key areas of interest where I would like to make a difference: 

Connecting/Reconnecting Women to the power of nature for energy.

Encouraging women and my wider circle to take care of their health using a wide range of  self-care resources.

Crushing injustice in all its forms because we all deserve to be cared for!

As a Board Director with the following companies, I am able to begin to fulfill these…

Board Member for Health & Wellbeing

Somer Valley FM is a local community radio station for people in the North East Somerset region although accessible to a wider audience via our website. With over 87 hours of live and fresh content, Somer Valley FM has an eclectic mix of shows and music, offering something to suit a wide variety of tastes whilst building strong community relationships. 

Yvonne has been working in health & wellbeing since 1984. As well as being a qualified life coach, personal trainer & Nordic Walking Instructor she delivers corporate training internationally. Yvonne also has two shows at Somer Valley FM, The Women’s Power Hour, and The Energiser Show. She sees the station as a positive medium to engage & empower more women in the community to look after their health and to have more fun.

Non-Exec Board Member for Nature, Health & Wellbeing

Ecowild is a Community Interest Company aiming to enhance people's relationship with their environment, cresting opportunities for engagement with the natural world across all age groups and fostering a mutual respect for nature.

As a health advocate, Yvonne blends a number of skills (qualified life-coaching, personal training, Nordic walking & nutrition coaching) to help individuals connect with nature and get to the top of their to-do list, guilt-free and healthily! With over 35 years in & around the health & wellness industry, Yvonne is passionate about sharing the benefits of mental & physical wellbeing in the great outdoors.

Director of B In Bath

B In Bath provides networking, support and social inclusion for people from underrepresented backgrounds in Bath and the surrounding area. Through the power of collaboration, integration and community, B In Bath aims to ensure individuals and groups can grow & thrive. 

Yvonne is an energetic and inspiring facilitator, coach, and author specializing in self-care, health & fitness, nutrition coaching, and confidence-building skills.

Having started her career in the Health and Fitness industry working with people at all levels of business, Yvonne went on to gain qualifications in the training and coaching field delivering presentations and courses globally, from communication skills, customer service & emotional intelligence skills to her present focuses listed above.

She is a member of 
Bath Women’s Fund, supporting, through philanthropy, projects that enhance the life & wellbeing of a variety of local community groups.

 Yvonne is also a mentor for W4 (Women’s Worldwide Web), providing support to global projects aimed at getting women and girls into education & entrepreneurship.

“There is true power in Self-Care and encouraging others to prioritize it. So much more gets done, so much more is possible…”
YvonneB x

Developing Community Health & Wellbeing Programmes For:

  • Communities First -
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Communities First Nordic Walking Programme

Member Of:

  • British Nordic Walking
  • International Nordic Walking Federation
  • UK Coaching Duty of Care Badge